TRAMBITAS Valerie-Visarion
Jimmy Darcy (Valeri-Visarion Trambitas) - the Former Middleweight Champion of the Pacific Coast and World's Contender 1919-1924.

During his career Jimmy earned over one hundred thousand dollars in the fight game.
Jimmy Darcy fought for the World Middleweight Championship against Harry Greb on October 4th, 1923. He fought Harry Greb a total of three times.

Jimmy got married to his first wife when he was around 19 years old, but she passed away around a year later due to an illness. His second marriage was to 17 year old Mary Elizabeth Finley when he was 21 years old. She was born in 1902 in Watertown, South Dakota. They lived in New York and had a farm in Portland for awhile.
Jimmy Darcy had 2 boys from his second marriage, Larry and Jack Trambitas. Jimmy raised the boys when he and his wife got seperated. Jimmy's son Larry went on to be a boxer also. Later in life, as a grandfather in 1946, Jimmy Darcy wrote an autobiography. He turned into a very religious man and the book focus on how to lead a healthy and happy life with jesus, god, faith and the church.

  • Darcy's license was revoked in October 1926 by the Portland Boxing Commission due to his eroded skills. Afterward his hometown was listed as Seattle (1927).
  • He was operating the White House Gym in Portland by 1930.
  • He planned a trip to New York to box out of the city in 1930. See this artifact.
  • His hometown subsequently became Bridgeport, Conn., as reported by some newspapers of the day. (1931-32)
  • He moved to Roseburg, Oregon and had opened a gym in the town by 1932.
  • He was a longtime longshoreman while fighting and afterwards, as well as a member of the Local 8 and ILWU.
  • Trambitas had two sons Jack and Valeri (Larry) with his wife Elizabeth. They later divorced. Valley then married Catherine. Both of their sons settled in the Juneau, Alaska, area. It is believed that both sons boxed and had professional careers, possibly with their uncle Alex in Los Angeles.
  • In 1955 Trambitas published a small autobiography entitled "Boxing Record and Formula for Health and Happiness."
  • See also the Harry Greb's site on Darcy.
  • St. John the Apostle Catholic Cemetery - Oregon City, Clackamas County, Oregon
    Trimbitas, Katherine Pauline, b. 1879, d. 03/02/1955, Block 12, Lot 5 #E
    Trimbitas, Valeri V, b. 1898, d. 1972, Block 17, Lot 6 #D

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