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For Jack Trambitas, veteran status is a family thing.:

For Jack Trambitas, veteran status is a family thing. His uncle, Floyd Kennedy, fought in Germany in World War I. And both Trambitas and his brother, Larry Trambitas, received their World War II draft notices in June 1944.
After completing training in the Aleutians and Mississippi, Jack, then 23, and Larry, then 21, boarded a boat for India in May 1945. They each left behind a wife; each also left behind a 3-year-old daughter. Upon their arrival in Calcutta, the brothers parted company.
"They didn't believe in brothers serving together anymore," he said, referring to a new military policy that mandated the separation of relatives. "If one vessel went down, then brothers or relatives wouldn't go down with the ship all at the same time. At least they'd have one or two that would go home." As Larry stayed in India, Jack continued to Burma, where he helped construct supply roads. He drove convoy trucks, Trambitas said, and lived in fear of robbers who often invaded the military camp during the night.

Trambitas continued his tour after the allies declared victory, he said, as troops continued to construct roads and ensure peace in the region.

In 1946, Trambitas returned to Juneau. In addition to being a commercial fisherman for 25 years and holding several other jobs, Trambitas twice served as post commander of the American Legion and post commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Juneau.
He has been a member of the Defense Force and was discharged as a warrant officer.
Among VFW and American Legion certificates, a black-and-white photo of Trambitas hangs in his living room. He is perched on an Army jeep in an Indian village, in uniform and wearing his steel helmet and a wide grin. A thatch-roofed hut is in the background.

As with every Memorial Day, Trambitas plans to attend the local services. "He's very military," said his wife, Edie. "He never missed a Memorial Day or Flag Day. He's always waving the flag.''

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