Alias: Jimmy Hussey
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Portland, Oregon, USA
Born: 1901-05-04
Died: 1973-08-01
Age at Death: 72
Stance: Orthodox
Managers: Jack Fahie, Jack Kearns

  • Brother of fellow boxers Johnny Trambitas (Traian Trambitas) and Valley Trambitas (Jimmy Darcy)
  • Alex began boxing at the age of 13 as an 80-pound boxer, and finished his career as a Middleweight. His best fighting weight was at Welterweight. Alex was known as a clever boxer with good speed, but not much power.
    He was not always in the best of condition however, according to his manager Jack Fahie, who managed him from 1915-20. According to the January 10, 1916 Tacoma Daily News, Fahey had found him in a preliminary match when the boxer was about 14-years-old. Trambitas was fighting with a bad shoulder. After the bout Fahey asked him about it. Trambitas could not lift his arm to put on his coat. Fahey took him home and cared for him until he was ready to fight again.
  • Trambitas fought out of Portland, Oregon between 1915 and 1921, before he was taken back east with his brother Valley (Jimmy Darcy) by Jack Kearns.
  • Trambitas began using the name Jimmy Hussey while fighting on the American East Coast in 1922. He was a stablemate of fellow Portland boxer Joe Benjamin around the time of 1921 and 1922. He was also a sparring partner for Jack Dempsey in preparation for his fight with Georges Carpentier. Trambitas was brought in to help Dempsey with his speed.
  • Alex became a radio salesman and repairman in the Los Angeles area, after his retirement from boxing. He was also a radio announcer for boxing matches at Hollywood Legion Stadium during the 1930s.

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