Fagaras Area during the reign of lui Mircea The Great
Fagaras Country - history in brief

- (German: Fogarasch, Fugreschmarkt, Hungarian: Fogaras)
- Fagaras was during the Middle Ages, together with Amlas, a traditional Vlach enclave in Transylvania. The first written document mentioning Romanians in Transylvania referred to Vlach lands ("Terra Blacorum") in the Fagaras Region in 1222.
In this document, Andrew II of Hungary gave Burzenland and the Cuman territories South of Burzenland up to the Danube to the Teutonic Knights.)
- A local legend says that Negru Voda left the central fortress to travel south past the Transylvanian Alps to become the founder of the Principality of Wallachia, although Basarab I is traditionally known as the 14th century founder of the state. Districtul Fogarasi, Comitatul Fogaras, Ungaria - 1910
- After the Tatar invasion in 1241-1242, Saxons settled in the area. In 1369, Louis I of Hungary gave the Royal Estates of Fagaras to his vassal, Vladislav I of Wallachia, the territory remained in the possession of Wallachian Princes until 1464.
- It was a great period for Fagaras during the reign of Mircea the Great, Wallachian Prince (1386-1418).
- The Fagaras region was an administrative unit of the Kingdom of Hungary since the 15th century. Fagaras county was formed in 1876, when the administrative structure of Transylvania was changed.
- In 1910, county had a population of 95,174 people. Population by language: Romanian = 84.436, Hungarian = 6.466, German = 3.236
- In 1918 (confirmed by the Treaty of Trianon 1920), the Transylvania became part of Romania. Fagaras territory lies in the present Romanian counties Brasov and Sibiu (the westernmost part).

Beclean 1769-1773 - Harta Topografica Josefina Beclean - Fagaras

Beclean - Brasov County, ROMANIA
  • Beclean (rom.)
  • Bethlen (ung.) - Fogarasbetlen (ung.)
  • Badlinen (ger.)- Betlen (ger.)
  • Betlehem (ger.)
  • Bedloinen (sas - germ. dialect)
  • Bethlehem (sas - germ. dialect)
  • Satlani (arh.)

    TRAMBITAS Valerian Family - history in brief - Romania/Hungary (Transylvania)
  • Valer TRAMBITAS (Valerian TRAMBITAS) was born abt 1875 / 1879 in South Transylvania (Fagaras area). He was Romanian and orthodox. Transylvania was in that time (till 1918) occupied and ruled by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and come back to Romania after the First World War.
    - He met Caterina-Paulina LEABU, (she was born in 1879) and married with her in 1897.
  • The maiden name of Caterina-Paulina's mother was Elena BUCUR (Elena BUCUR died in 1929). Elena BUCUR was married with Dumitru LEABU.
    - In English language Caterina-Paulina's name is Katherine-Pauline.
    - From the Immigrations Arrivals List (New York, 1907) her birthplace was Bethlen, also the last residence before leaving Transylvania for USA was the same Bethlen.
    - Beclean (in Romania from 1918, Hungarian and German name: Bethlen) is today a commune in Brasov County at 5 Km west from Fagaras City, on the National Route DN1. Still today, a lot of TRAMBITAS or TRIMBITAS people live there. Also, Beclean is very close to Netot, (from 1966 Gura Vaii) the village from where the BUCUR Family have the roots.
    - Caterina-Paulina had 2 sisters, one was "Mother" Melania at the Pasarea Monastery ("Bird" Monastery), near Bucharest (no children) and the second was Marioara DUMITRESCU (1897-1981) lived in Topoloveni, Romania (no children).
  • They passed illegally the border (in that time) between Austria-Hungarian Empire and Romania and found work in Bucharest (Romania). Their first 3 children were born in Bucharest.
    - They were very Christian-traditional family, respect the tradition. In the past (even today), often the first born in a family keeps the first-name of the father (adding an "a", "e" or "ie"). In those times, the Romanian population in Transylvania name their children with the names of Roman Emperors in ancient Roman Empire (Romania came from Rome, Italy) or Greek, to oppose the Hungarian authorities to translate/transcript the names in Hungarian language.
    - So Valer TRAMBITAS first 3 sons were named Valerie (1898), Alexandru (1901), Traian (1903).
  • In 1906 Valer TRAMBITAS arrived in USA, without his wife and his 3 sons born in Bucharest, Romania. (www.ellisisland.org) Regarding all the entrances between 1903 (Traian's born) and 1907 (arriving of his family in USA-see below) I found:
    Valiuan Trombitas, Farm labourer, Age: 26 y.o., married
    Ship of Travel: Chemnitz, Port of Departure: Bremen Date of Arrival: Mar.03, 1906, Date of Depart: Feb.17, 1906.
  • In 1907, coming from Bethlen-Beclean, Transylvania (part of Hungary till 1918), through Hamburg Port (depart 4th April 1907), his wife and his 3 sons arrived at New-York Port (21 April 1907, ship Barcelona). (www.ancestry.com).
    -The USA Immigrations Officer wrote that they were attempt by Valer TRAMBITAS (from Portland, Oregon - 203 Burnside St.) as husband. Today (2010) the address is Portland, 203 W Burnside St.-click here to see the house.
    -But the Immigrations Officer wrote the names for the new arrivals as he heard (the correct pronunciation of the name is Trambitzash). So, Trambitas became Trinsbiczas and the others Katalin (30), Valer (9), Alexander (6), Toajan (3).
    - Here, the things are pretty clear, they are Romanians, Orthodox, no doubt.
  • In USA (Portland, Oregon), Valer and Katherine-Pauline TRAMBITAS had 2 boys George and Johnnie and a girl Lena.
  • Valer TRAMBITAS and Katherine-Pauline had 5 children:
    1. Valerie Visarion Descendant tree page with this personList of Pictures with This Person (born 1898, Romania - died 1972, Clackamas, OR).
    2. Alexandru (Alex) Descendant tree page with this personList of Pictures with This Person (born 1901, Romania - died 1973, Los Angeles, CA).
    3. Traian-John (born 1903, Romania - died 1969, Seattle, WA)
    4. George (born 1910 Portland, OR - died 1980, Riverside, CA)
    5. Lena (born 1910 Portland, OR - 1919, died as a child)
    6. Johnnie (born 1912 Portland, OR - 1919, died as a child)
  • Valer TRAMBITAS died in 1912 (see the USA Census 1910, 1920, 1930).
  • Katherine-Pauline died in 1955, Portland, OR. Her burial place was St. John the Apostle Catholic Cemetery - Oregon City, Clackamas County, Oregon, USA. (Trimbitas, Katherine Pauline, b. 1879, d. 03/02/1955, Block 12, Lot 5 #E).
  • Their first son Valerie Visarion was buried in the same cemetery. (Trimbitas, Valeri V, b. 1898, d. 1972, Block 17, Lot 6 #D).

    TRAMBITAS Valerian Family - history in brief - USA (Oregon OR, Washington WA, Alaska AK)
  • 1. Valerie TRAMBITAS Descendant tree page with this personList of Pictures with This Person (1898-1972)-"Jimmy Darcy".
    ------> Valeri Vincent (Larry) TRAMBITAS (1921 Portland, Oregon-2000 Rancho Mirage, California)
    ------------> Galene Valeria Descendant tree page with this person married with David Henry AXELSON
    ------> Jack Nicholas TRAMBITAS Descendant tree page with this personList of Pictures with This Person (1919 Portland, Oregon - Juneau 2002), married (1939) with Edith Spaulding (1918-2006).
    ------------> Judy Descendant tree page with this person married (1958) with Robert HAFFNER

  • 2. Alex TRAMBITAS Descendant tree page with this personList of Pictures with This Person (1901-1973)-"Jimmy Hussey".

  • 3. John-Traian TRAMBITAS Descendant tree page with this person (1903-1969)-"Portland Iron Man"
    ------> John-Joseph (1941 Seattle, Washington - )
    ------------> John-Raymond
    ------------> Kenneth-Lee
    ------------> Cynthia-Louise
    ------------> William-John
    ------------> Barbara

  • 4. George TRAMBITAS Descendant tree page with this person (1910-1980)
    ------> Anthony Jay (1951, Olympia, Washington - )
    ------------> Tammie-Jean
    ------------> Christina-Georgette
    ------> Thomas Alan (1946, Edmonds, Washington - )
    ------------> Angela-Marie

  • 5. Lena TRAMBITAS (1910- 1919 )

  • 6. Johnnie TRAMBITAS (1912- 1919 )

    TRAMBITAS Family Name - roots and presence in Fagaras Area (Transylvania)
  • Almost all the Trambitas from the Fagaras Area have roots in Beclean (Bethlen). Even if, in time, the family name was changed in Trombitas (by the ungarian authorities, before 1918) or in Trimbitas (by the new communist authorities, after 1948).
  • From Great Romania Book ("SOCEC" 1924-1925), the "Yellow Pages" for that period, we find in Fagaras Area:
    - in Beclean / Fagaras: Trambitas Nicolae (grocer).
    - in Netot / Fogaras: Trambitas Elisabeta (pubowner).
    - in Dragus / Arpasul de Jos: Trambitas Samuila (miller).
    (SOCEC, Great Romania Book 1924-1925, Bucharest).
  • Trambitas Family 2009
  • TRAMBITAS Family 2009, Redmond, Oregon, USA
    USA, New York
  • Valerie TRAMBITAS (Jimmy Darcy)
  • Valerie TRAMBITAS (Jimmy Darcy)
  • Alex TRAMBITAS (Jimmy Hussey)
  • Alex TRAMBITAS (Jimmy Hussey)
  • Alex TRAMBITAS (Jimmy Hussey)
  • John-Traian TRAMBITAS (Jimmy Hussey)

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    Beclean, BV - Biserica Ortodoxa (construita in 1804) Beclean, BV - Primaria Beclean, BV - Paraul Beclean
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