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  • John-Traian TRAMBITAS Family - Seattle (Johnny TRAMBITAS alias Portland Iron Man)

  • Johnny was considered to be the only puncher of the Trambitas brothers. He had some of the durability and toughness that his brother Valley was known for as well.
  • Boxed primarily out of Portland, Oregon. Also boxed out of nearby Kelso, Washington in early 1929. He fought from Bantamweight up to Welterweight; his best fighting weight was at Lightweight.
  • He was not well regarded or liked in his native Portland though, until his 1924 win over Johnny O'Donnell, which was the high point of his career.
  • Following his 1924 losses to Johnny Adams, Trambitas's conditioning became very suspect, and he rapidly fell from the elite level of Pacific Coast Lightweights.
  • Per the May 30, 1929 Portland Oregonian, Trambitas was living in Kelso, Washington, where he was working as a millwork
  • Per the July 25, 1929 Tacoma News-Tribune, he was arrested for suspicion of hotel robbery, released, and apparently not charged.
  • The July 27, 1929 Daily Olympian newspaper of Olympia, Washington, reported: "Johnny Trambitas, 25, ex-pugilist of Portland, was arrested early Saturday morning by Sheriff Havens and Deputies Croxall and Erickson, charged with drunkenness. [Note: This was during alcohol Prohibition in the U.S.] He was also held for investigation, Havens said. No longer the nattily dressed ring idol of a few years ago, Trambitas was wearing frayed clothing and was in a high state of intoxication, arresting officers said. He was arrested after Havens, driving home about midnight Friday, saw him duck into the bush beside the road. Croxall and Erickson, in a car behind the sheriff's, helped Havens catch the former prizefighter when he came out of the bushes."
  • Married few times: Annamay Jewel Amick (1923), Celia Trambitas (years 1935), Fern-Louise GRASSER (years 1940), Loril S RENFRO (1944).
  • John-Traian Trambitas had one son John-Joseph with his wife Fern-Louise GRASSER.

    He fought as "Portland Ironman" and "Boomerang"

  • Johnny Trambitas
  • Johnny TRAMBITAS

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